The post-recession economy of the Middle East and nationalization in the employment sector has raised serious concerns among the ex-pat community. Canada is one of the countries that has been experiencing a huge influx of ex-pat immigrants from the Middle East for the past few years, especially after the introduction of the express entry immigration program by the Canadian government. Immigration to Canada is dealt with by IRCC which is a point-based system. The official website of Canada allows you to assess whether you’re qualified for an immigration program based on your age, qualification, job experience, and your language skills.

Why do most of the ex-pats choose Canada?

Safest and most secure country -Canada has been ranked as the 6th most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index 2018. Canada has stringent laws on gun control and lower crime rates.

World-class Education and Healthcare: High-quality education that is free of cost attracts most of the immigrants with younger dependants. Some of the top universities in the world are present in Canada. Another good reason to migrate to Canada is the free health care that permanent residents and citizens of Canada receive.

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Wide job opportunities Canada is a huge country with a strong economy despite the international economic circumstances. There are a plethora of job opportunities available throughout the country. Even though there is a downside to Canadian experience for every job, if you have the right skill and the mentality, you will be where you want to be in the next 2 to 3 years. There are different immigration programs based on skills or qualifications (NOC) that will open a wide range of choices for skilled immigrants.

Immigrant friendly- Well known for its multicultural diversity, the tolerant and friendly attitude of the Canadian community helps the immigrants to feel at home and settle easily in Canada

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