The introduction of express entry in the Canadian immigration system has peaked the number of Indians trying to migrate to Canada in the last three years. The highlight of express entry is the time frame for visa acceptance. Earlier the process of immigration took about 2 years, but with express entry, it has reduced from 8 to 15 months. Due to the increase in applicants, the government has become more stringent on the selection criteria and screening process. There are 3 different immigration programs under express entry which are based on work experience and skills.

Canada Immigration Visa for Indians. Your perfect checklist for easy approval.

1. The program is a point-based system which is called the Comprehensive Ranking System. So before applying, you can check your eligibility by calculating your score. This can be done on their official website or any certified Canada immigration consultants. Your points are based on your age, your qualifications, your work experience in or out of Canada, bank balance, your marital status and so on. If you are eligible, apply online on their official website

2. Qualifications- Higher the qualification, the higher the points you earn. The minimum qualification of an applicant is a completed secondary education (10th grade). Any degree attained outside Canada should be sent for an assessment to show equivalent to a completed Canadian degree/ diploma. There are designated organizations that do this such as WES, ICAS, and CES.

3. Work experience – You need a minimum of 1 year of work experience. Higher work experience can earn you more points. Canadian work experience has higher chances of scoring than work experience in any other foreign country. You need to find your respective work code-listed by the Canadian labour market based on which you can add your work experience.

4. Language skills – This is one important factor that helps you to improve your total. The minimum benchmark to earn points for English is 7 and for French is 4.

5. Marital status – Your spouse or partner immigrating with you can earn more points depending upon his/ her qualifications, age, work experience, and language skills.

After creating a successful profile in the express entry program, you will get invited by Canada in general or by a particular province based on your total score or CRS. At this point, you have to submit your documents that support your information in your profile. Once the evaluation is done, they will issue a single entry visa to Canada valid for 60 days. Your Canada PR visa will be stamped after you enter Canada.

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