Mr Adeel Abdulla, a Pakistan national residing in U.A.E, has planned his first vacation to the U.S in March 2020. “My dream vacation is happening. “That was his first words when he informed us that he received his passport stamped with U.S tourist visa that too in a week. It is valid for 10 years. New York, Grand Canyon, Washington, Yellow stone and his itinerary list goes on. I could feel the joy and excitement in his voice. Now that’s a spur that drives me to guide travel enthusiasts like Mr Adeel to start the first step of his journey. Based on his experience I have briefed the application process to 5 steps to ease your difficulty and tension while applying for a U.S tourist visa from UAE.


In general, a foreign citizen who seeks to visit the U.S.A for the purpose of tourism should apply for the US tourist visa or the B2 visa that fall under the non-immigrant visa category. The American tourist visa application fee is 160 USD.


Prep your documents. Below I have mentioned documents without which you need before you start your application. These documents support the information that you submit on the online application.


- Valid Pakistan passport

- Proof of residence- Your residence permit in UAE.

- Photographs

- Travel itinerary

- Resume to show your education or work history

- Financial statements- Bank statements to prove you can support your whole trip

- Occupation related- if employed, get an employment letter or a NOC for verification.

- If you’re self-employed, get a proof of business ownership.

- If you’re visiting your relatives, or children or attending a family event in the U.S, get an invitation letter


Complete the DS – 160. You can get the application here. Please note down your application ID. If this is not your first time, you can retrieve your previous application with its ID number and use the information to fill this form. You don’t have to fill the application in 1 go. You have a time period of 30 days to do fill and save. ID But sooner the better. Also, make sure to note down your application to continue your application later.

Now, if you find the form to be a bit intimidating or you reach a point where you are confused, you can always approach an expert visa consultant. From preparing the right documentation and application form to getting an appointment at the consulate, they guide you in every step.


Make an appointment by creating an account on this website. You will need to enter your DS-160 confirmation number, your mailing address for courier return process and make the non-refundable payment. Here you can schedule your appointment with the consulate. The appointment wait time can take from 15 to 24 working days depending on your location.


As per the appointment, you should be at the consulate for the interview at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. Dress neat, and be confident. Carry with you all the necessary documents that prove the information on your application. The officer might ask for further verification. The questions will be mostly based on your application form. Do not give false information or get nervous. The decision is made right after the interview. They will ask you to submit your biometrics and passport for stamping the U.S visa and will courier to your address. This process might take from 15 days to 24 working days, in rare cases even 6 months.

Keep in mind that this is only a guide but not a definite list. So always be optimistic. Like Mr Adeel Abdulla, you can too make your dream trip come true

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So without any delay, start your application right now