What do you mean by a UK tourist visa?

If you would like to visit Uk for the purpose of leisure, you have to apply for the UK tourist visa that falls under the category of Standard visitor visa.

Generally, a standard visitor visa is applied when the purpose of visit falls under the following category.

a) Leisure purpose - holiday, to visit family or relatives

b) Business – Attend meetings or conferences or take part in business-related activities.

c) Sports or creative events, academic research purposes.

d) Also to receive private medical treatment.

Which citizens can apply (Which citizens have to apply?

If you’re not a citizen of the United Kingdom or Europen union, non-EU members of European Economic Area, or any OCT countries, you are required to apply for a Standard Visitor visa, to visit the U.K

The citizens of a few countries including the U.S, Australia, Canada, Hongkong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore that only require a valid passport if their stay is no longer than 6 months.

There are countries such as Kuwait, Oman Qatar, U.A.E that can get an electronic waiver that allows the citizens to enter the UK to visit or study with a duration no longer than 6 months

Though there are about 56 countries outside that do not need a visa to enter the U.K, but an entry certificate to enter if the duration of stay 6 months or less. If their stay extends this period they require a visa.

What is the validity of the UK Standard Visitor visa?

The validity of the UK tourist visa is up to 6 months.

However, validity can be extended

For Medical care - up to 11 months

For academic research, while you are on sabbatical- you, your spouse or civil partner may be able to stay for up to 12 months.

When should I apply?

Apply at least 3 months earlier from your date of departure.

How long it will the process take?

Provided you have all the right documents you should get your UK standard visitor visa within 15 working days

How much it cost?

The visa application costs 128 USD, but this may vary when you apply via visa consultants

Can I get a multiple- entry visa?

Generally, the standard visitor multiple entry visa is issued for 6 months. Applicants who intend to get a long term 2,5 and 10 years multiple entry tourist visit visa should get the short term visa at least once or twice.

What are the basic documents I need to apply for a UK tourist visa documents checklist?

1. Recent photograph as per embassy norms

2. Valid Passport -A minimum of 6-month validity from your date of travel with at least a blank page on both sides

3. Documents that support your previous travel documents to check any travel experience for the past 10 years

4. Documents that prove your legal residence in the country (Since you are an Indian expatriate.)

5. Documents that support your financial status in the form of bank statements, etc

6. Employment documents like NOC or any confirmation letter from your employer.

7. Documents that support your Business registration if you’re self-employed.

Falsification of any documents can lead to rejection.

What will you do if you get rejected?

It seems that there is no time frame for reapplication after rejection especially if the grounds of rejection are not justifiable. However, it is always recommended to analyze your application carefully to check any reasons that might lead to rejection and overcome the hindrance that caused your previous rejection.

Some of the reasons for rejections include - Falsified documents, not enough funds to support the trip or any deposits to your bank account without any documentation, not enough travel history, unclear itinerary and covering letter, not enough supporting documentation from the employer

Is there any interview process?

Generally, Standard visitor visa applicants are rarely called for interview unless if the consulate officials review your application and decide they want to talk to you.

Do you I need IELTS?

IELTS is not required to apply for a visitor visa but is required if you’re planning to study in the UK.

Can I take my spouse with me on my tourist visa?

Yes, you can take your spouse along with you provided she has also applied for a visitor visa with supporting documents.

Can I visit Ireland?

No, you can not visit Ireland using U.K visitor visa. You have to apply for a short term C visa.

There is also a British Irish Scheme which allows you to visit Ireland with Uk visa which is currently applicable only for Indians and Chinese.

What is the visa consultant processing time for a UK tourist visa?

If you go through a visa consultant company, the processing time takes from 72 hours to 15 working days.

Do I need to book flights before applying for a UK visa?

No, you should not book your flight to the UK with an approved UK visitor visa. You can prepare your flight itinerary using flight reservations or even purchase refundable air tickets.

Is travel insurance mandatory for UK tourist visa?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for a UK tourist visa. But it is always recommended to have insurance in case of any medical emergency, delay or cancellation of flight tickets, lost baggage or documents.

Travel companies can help traveller all round the clock clearing their doubts by providing a transparent and quick claim settlement process.

Can I visit Europe with UK visa?

You cannot visit Europe with your UK tourist visa. You can travel around Europe with a Schengen visa.

How can I apply for a U.K visa?

To begin your application, visit the UK official website. Choose your visa type and start an account, fill out the application, pay the fees, fix an appointment and submit at the visa application centre of your country.

It is always recommended you approach an experienced visa consultant the first time you apply. This is to reduce any errors or hassles while filling the application form. These visa experts have much easier and quicker processing and they can get you the best available slots for consulate appointments.

Applying through a visa consultant can be done easily at the comfort of your home and space.