“Once a year, go to someplace you’ve never have been before" – Dalai Lama

Travel is not a hobby or a pastime anymore, it has become a lifestyle. People all over the world want to experience the joy, the luxury and find their “inner peace.” They want to break free from their regular drill of wake – work – eat – sleep. So how do you find the right time, right place and the right ride to travel in your busy schedule…...?

“Drum rolls please“


The partner for your travel needs – Travel agents/ Travel assistance companies. Their expert guidance can fasten all the paperwork or reservation processes thereby saving you time and stress. It’s worth paying a few extra dollars ifs it saves you time and all stress because “Time is money.” So how do you find the right one?  


1.Good reputation

A travel agent is often ranked based on their experience and the years they have successfully served in the market. A well-reputed Travel agents\ agency will be resourceful. A pro in reservation and working their magic on booking the least connection flights and becoming a wizard to get the best hotel reservation with a great view. That’s an ultimate dream for a tourist. A successful agency will give us an edge.

2.Reviews on social media

the first step we take when we plan to approach a travel agency is to check their online reviews. There will be both good and bad reviews. Before judging a travel agent on online reviews, keep in mind that there will be fake reviews, it can be positive or negative reviews. Do a quick research to see their past customers feedback.

3. Genuine website, trained professionals and customer care

Before approaching a consultant, just check out their website for authenticity. Keep an eye for proper accreditation or certifications approved by the ministry of tourism on their website.

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4.100% transparency

Most of the travelers are often puzzled or confused on seeing the charges at the time of the payment. It will be nothing like that were on their website or on their ads. Always approach agents who provide honest information on the prices don’t surprise or rather shock us with their hidden charges...

5. An efficient online booking system

The ability of a travel agent to make sales growth and profitability depends on an efficient online booking system and high-speed search component which allows travelers to search on a variety of products and services. With the wide technological advances which allow us to access and book from anywhere even with the comfort of our phones, booking a hotel or a flight seems to be a piece of cake. Speedy searches or lower search time is directly proportional to the number of the bookings. The chances of a customer to choose the booking are high when compared to the one that had to wait for long.

6. Right attitude

The moment you enter into their office you should get that vibe. A successful travel agent will be a great people person and find customers the best value for their money. The customer is supreme and deserved to be treated as the same. If you call for an inquiry, the time of response is an important parameter. We don’t want them to put you on hold.

7. Empathetic

Nothing is predictable. Delays/ Cancellations can happen. Any responsible travel agent should be available on call or online, especially in an emergency situation. Tourists don’t want to get lost or stranded outside in a foreign country because of some mix up in the hotel reservation and our agent has gone MIA!!! Any anxious traveler wants to be heard and understood. So do they have what it takes?

8. Know your travel needs more than you

A good travel agent can get you a custom-tailored travel package. For example, let’s say a customer wants to book a hotel in Thailand near public transportation, but also within walking distance to some of the city’s most famous shopping malls and restaurants. Most the tourist, especially with kids, look forwards for an inclusive tour which is popularly known as holiday packages. A tour package including accommodation, transportation and other services that are sold with an inclusive price.

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