A new and easy system for issuing unified Russian visas to foreign citizens! The President of the Russian Federation waved the green signal to start issuing unified electronic visas to foreign nationals on August 1, 2023, and these visas would be valid anywhere in the Russian Federation. Do you know? The people of 52 nations will gain from this new system.

How to get the application form for an e-visa?

This electronic visa can be received by filling out an application electronically on the designated website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru) or by a mobile app that can be installed from the website.

Last date for e-visa submission The last date for submitting a single electronic visa application is four calendar days prior to the date of arrival in the Russian Federation.

What are the required documents?

The application includes a digital photograph of the applicant and a scan of the page with the information from a foreign citizen's machine-readable passport. These documents are enough for a single electronic visa.

How much entry is there on one e-visa?

This visa is paid for in accordance with current Russian law. One electronic visa permits one entry into the Russian Federation, one stays there as a businessperson or visitor, as a tourist, and one participation in sporting, sociopolitical, scientific, economic, and cultural events.

What is the validity period?

A single electronic visa has a validity term of 60 days starting on the day it is registered, with a foreign national's allowed stay in the Russian Federation only being permitted to last 16 days beyond the date of entrance. This new system will definitely promote the flow of tourism from different nations to Russia.