Australia is a common choice among U.A.E residents who aspire to pursue higher education overseas. Australia, a huge country located on the other side of the globe, is home to many popular universities in the world. If you‘ve selected your university or if you're enrolled in one recently, your next step would be applying for a student visa. There are consultants in the U.A.E who provide assistance on visa applications. Here are some basic need-to-know points before you apply for a student visa.

Visa category

Student visa Subclass 500. Valid up to 5 years in the line of your enrolment. A student visa comes with certain conditions that should be obliged when you are under this visa. It can be extended or renewed under different circumstances.


  • - Language requirements (IELTS)-Entry requirements vary for different universities

  • - Should be enrolled in an Australian university or school

  • - Clean health and character record

  • - Sufficient funds to cover all your expenses including your course fee.

  • - Academic certificates – Equivalent to Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education for undergraduate courses and overseas equivalent graduate certificates for postgraduate programs along with your research experience or work experience.

  • - Overall Academic performance also depends on the school or university you have enrolled in.

Visa requirements

1) Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment – Received from the university after enrolment.

2)Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) A statement that shows your current situation in your resident country, your previous immigration experience, and relevance of the course to your career in your home or residing country – all these factors add up to make an ultimate decision to approve or reject your visa. In other words, they do not want you to overstay in Australia after your course of study. However, getting a job or permanent residence in Australia is a different aspect.

3) Proof of sufficient funds to cover your course fee and your stay in Australia.

4) IELTS certificate.

5) Overseas Student Health Cover – for your medical expenses when you’re in Australia.

6) Valid passport

7) Academic and work experience documents

8) Recent passport-size photo

9) Proof of relationship: If you’re married and plan to bring your family to Australia.

10) Statement of purpose (SOP)-This vital part of your application. This is a letter submitted to a panel of admission of the university stating your goals, future career plans, professional offerings, the motive force that made you pursue the program from the university. This letter helps them to decide to accept or reject you. Sometimes a genuine SOP can support a weak academic record.

Online Application

Apply at least 6 weeks before your course starts. Apply online with all the documents and submit your biometrics and health report if required.

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