As the third-largest city in Georgia, Kutaisi offers many wonders and amazing views to each traveler. This is actually an amazing place, bounded to the east by Azerbaijan, to the south by Armenia and Turkey, and to the north by Russia. These countries (save for the southern part of Russia) compose the Caucasus area, which links both Asia and Europe. The city is situated in the Imereti region of the nation’s midwest. Planning a Kutaisi trip will never disappoint you!

There are many things at your hand to enjoy and explore in Kutaisi and its surrounding spots. The majority, if not all, can be explored all year. Even on the shortest day of the year, Kutaisi enjoys 9 hours of daylight, making you cram in as many thrilling things as possible. You can choose the most reliable and affordable Georgia holiday packages from Dubai or anywhere in the world. Let’s find out some of the interesting spots and things to do here!

Kutaisi market

This city-center market, also known as the Kutaisi Green Bazaar, provides you with a personal and up-close look at Kutaisi culture. As you make a trip to infinite stalls selling everything from vegetables and fruit to linen, enjoy a good time with the dealers and customers. Try the Churchkhela, a local dessert made from almonds and grapes that looks like hanging candles. Churchkhela is often homemade, and there are many vendors selling several varieties.

Kutaisi park

As Kutaisi Park is just over 100 meters long and 50 meters wide, it’s our choice to call 'park' the right word. However, it is a good spot to sit, relax, and people-watch. There are no large fields or even large green regions, only a few fountains, statues, and benches. If you are ready to enjoy small happiness from unexpected spots, just add this park to your Kutaisi travel days.

Colchis fountain

Your Kutaisi tour will be incomplete without the Colchis Fountain. And, while it is an astounding fountain, most, if not all, overlook the fact that it is situated on a roundabout! Driving in Georgia is most like driving in many nations in Asia: unpredictable! This roundabout has four linked roads and is quite large; thus, drivers often drive up to five vehicles abreast! The beauty of this fountain must be explored!

Views of the River from Bridges

The White Bridge is the most popular one in Kutaisi, presenting amazing sights of the river's characteristic white stones. The bridge itself has glass panes that enable you to see directly down and a cool hat-holding figure that is perfect for clicking photos. This is also the city's first pedestrian-only bridge. Rustaveli Bridge is situated directly upstream of White Bridge. From here, you can descend to river level via the steps beside the Tourist Information Centre on the bridge's eastern side. Several riverside residences that are supported by stilts can be seen from Chain Bridge!

Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden in Kutaisi, situated just north of the city center, offers a good respite from the city's hustle and bustle. It’s a good spot to add to your next holiday packages from UAE or anywhere in the world. The gardens include many different types and varieties of trees, plants, and flowers, so you could spend hours exploring them.

Cable cars

In Kutaisi, cable cars dating back to the Soviet era travel between the Besik Gabashvili Amusement Park and central Kutaisi. This interesting short ride will take you across the river and to the top of the hill, where the amusement park is situated.

Besik Gabashvili Amusement Park

If you're searching for a unique and exciting thing to do in Kutaisi, look no further! This amusement park has a few amazing restaurant choices and a tiny funfair. There are a few kiddie rides, a dropper, a Ferris wheel, and a carousel. You may feel as if you've traveled back in time to the Soviet Union once you see the majority of the rides.

Bagrati Cathedral 

Bagrati Cathedral, perched atop a hill overlooking the city, is the most popular and astounding view in Kutaisi. It is also a great must-see in Kutaisi; you shouldn’t skip it. Bagrati Cathedral, which was established in the 11th century, has undergone a large amount of repair work in recent decades. The cathedral was little more than rubble in the 1950s, with the majority of the structure destroyed.

Gelati monastery and Motsameta monastery

Both of these monasteries are less than a 20-minute drive east of Kutaisi and date back approximately a thousand years! You can simply hire a taxi to transport you to both places for a reasonable charge through hotel staff, and the taxi driver will wait for you to visit each. Please note that both monasteries are free to visit; however, you should dress suitably for entering religious buildings.

Enjoying a day excursion or two outside of Kutaisi is one of the best things to do in Kutaisi! Chiatura and Katskhi Column, Martvili Canyon, Okatse Canyon, Kinchkha Waterfall, and Prometheus Cave are the top picks for you.