Have you got a NOC?

Have you got stuck with this question whenever you wanted to apply for a tourist visa?

Well, let me help you through this. This article will let you know why you need a NOC and how you can get your NOC from your employer. So that's 1 less thing to worry about.

When starting your application, you get a checklist of documents you need to acquire from your copy of residence permit, your travel insurance, bank documents and whatnot. NOC or No objection certificate is mandatory for most tourist visa, including Schengen, U.S, U.K, especially if you’re a residing in a GCC country.

What is NOC?

This document verifies your employment in the organization, including your pay scale and confirms that you will be covering all your travel expenses and resuming your job after your travel.

Why you need a NOC for a tourist visa application?

“No intention to overstay in the country or strong ties to your country” This is one of the eligibility criteria for a tourist visa you must meet.

It is the prime responsibility of the embassy to make sure that the applicant would overstay their trip or stay illegally. Apart from your travel documents or bank statements, they would require an assurance from an authorized body that you have no intention to overstay and you have responsibilities back in your residing country and will return after your trip.

NOC is the official authorization letter that proves this which you have to get from your employer.

What all information should be included in a NOC?

When preparing your NOC, make sure to be specific. Now you don’t need to include the whole itinerary. The letter should be on company letterhead with the subject given as No objection letter for “your name”.

The content should convey that you’re an employee of that company with your designation, joining date and your passport number. Make sure to include your travel dates both departure and arrival, and the date of resuming at the office.

Remember this letter is submitted at the Immigration office, so there should be your employer’s full name, address, signature and the official seal of the company. See below a sample of a NOC

Is NOC required to travel to all countries?

This totally depends on your destination of visit.

For more information about NOC or anything related to a tourist visa including you making documentation, getting an appointment at the consulate, preparing a covering letter, flight reservations, hotel booking, you can always contact visa consulting.