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Akif Aziz CEO, Board Member

Akif Aziz is the founder of houseoftours.com. He started off his career as an Accountant with Umm Al Quwain National Travel Agency in the early 2000’s and then went on to get his first Airline break in 2001 when he joined Oman Air as Finance Executive. His passion for entrepreneurship lead him to join XLRI and attain his MBA in Finance and HRM. He never settled for what he had. He got into Etihad Airways where he served as Manager- Finance for 6 years before deciding to leap completely into entrepreneurship. Year 2006 saw the birth of houseoftours.com and there has been no looking back.

Since then, Akif has been the captain of ship steering the team 24*7. From ensuring customer satisfaction to employee welfare, he has ensured that houseoftours.com has grown in all its vigor. He is always looking for expansion opportunities and his enumerative creative skills serves as the greatest strength for houseoftours.com

Apart from his passion for entrepreneurship, Akif is a die-hard Manchester City fan and a core football lover. He has also proven his acting skills and taste for arts during his college days. He enjoys watching motivational videos and sending out timelines! He is the right example of being a good listener motivating everyone around him time to time and great implementer.

Binoy JohnHead of Consulting, Board Member

Binoy John, an active finance person by nature is one of the Board members of houseoftours.com. He started off his career in the UAE as an Accountant with Dan Tourism in 2006 and then decided to back Akif and houseoftours.com in 2008. Since then, he has been the mature pillar in the group. With the initial role of general management to heading the finance team of houseoftours.com, his contribution to houseoftours.com has been in multiple arenas. With his dedication and excellent decision making skills, today, Binoy heads the Consultancy wing and has been ensuring consistent growth of the division till date.

Binoy holds his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and is currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy. He is the perfect example of balancing work and personal life. A natural singer and a core volleyball player, he is an active member in weekly sports competitions in this region.

Hameed KunnathHead of U-MET, Board Member

Abdul Hameed Kunnath, is the first staff and a founding member of houseoftours.com. He is the most versatile member of the group who has been a part of all the new ventures of houseoftours.com. From being the first staff of travel division to being the first staff of Golden Falcon Aviation, Hameed has ensured his magic touch across all ventures of the Organization. Today, he heads U-Met, the first investment venture of houseoftours.com along with the privilege of being a Board member.

Hameed holds his Master’s Degree in Commerce from Calicut University. A lucky go person by nature, Hameed enjoys travelling to new places and exploring new cultures. He is a sport and the most jovial person in the lot.

Dinto AkkaraHead of Business, Board Member

Dinto Davis Akkara, is the trump card of houseoftours.com. His relation with Akif dates back from 1998. The friendship extended to work relation and finally being a Board Member of houseoftours.com. From his initial days as a Holiday Consultant to serving Corporate Sales, Dinto has tasted all the divisions of Travel. Today, he heads the entire business support of houseoftours.com and ensures Marketing, IT, HR and Systems are a step ahead of the current trend. His enthusiasm is none to challenge and he is rightly famous for being the problem solver in the Team.

Dinto holds his Bachelors in Technology (Mechanical Engineering) from VTU and PG in General Management. Ever smiling and the most charming person, Dinto is another example for balancing work and personal life. When he is not fixing timelines, he enjoys going on long rides and taking trips occasionally. He is a great coordinator and a natural speaker.