The Best Visa Program for Indians to Get Permanent Residency in Europe

                         Europe, an abode to 747 million people, has a huge influx of expats who come live and work from all around the world. The percentage of total Indian expats in Europe accounts for 4.651% and still counting. Migrating to Europe is not anymore a reverie, but it is something that is being considered by most Indians who seem to think this idea might fit the bill.

The high quality of living, good quality for affordable education, the social security, and benefits, freedom to move around other countries under European Union (without a visa) easily by train, road, bus or even cheaper flights - all seems to be a rational explanation of migration among Indian citizens. Also, attach the necessary documents like a letter from the employer.

The eligibility criteria for PR varies for each EU country.

PR visa for Europe

The easiest way for an Indian to get a Europe visa would be studying in a country that is an EU member. Getting enrolled in a university in an EU country is easier than finding a job provided you have all the right credentials. As an international student, the government provides assistance to find work which will earn them a work permit (National D visa), eventually helping to achieve permanent residency.

Some Indian expats become permanent residents mostly through their jobs in the EU countries. Unless you don’t have an international degree, finding a suitable job in Europe by an online application or by visiting an EU country on a short term visa (visit visa) to search for possible work opportunities seems to be a difficult task. However, you cannot get a work visa without an employment contract. Please know that it is illegal to work in any foreign country on a visit visa.

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