At any point have you thought that applying for a U.S tourist visa to be intimidating? 

With the U.S government becoming more strict over the visa application screening than ever, let's make things simple and easier for you.

So first things first, Get your facts straight!!!

Here we have run down a few facts you should know before jumping in directly to your U.S visa application.

10 Facts you should know before applying for a U.S tourist visa!!!

1.Know your visa type

There are 185 types of visa types that grant entry to the United States. The most common type of visa is B1/B2, which is applied for tourism purposes. Each type of visa defines the purpose of the visit of the applicant. The validity and the length of stay vary for each visa.  

2. Check your eligibility

Check if you are eligible for a visa. The purpose of visit, duration of stay, financial background and your social and professional ties in your country qualifies these criteria.

3.The validity of your passport

Your passport should have at least 6 months' validity from the date of travel and a minimum of 2 blank pages.

4.When to apply

Apply for your visa as early as possible to reduce the possibilities of delays. Start to apply at least 3 months in advance from your date of travel because getting an appointment slot might take weeks.

5. Apply online

The visa application (DS-160) must be completed and submitted online

6.Checklist for mandatory documents

Ensure all the mandatory documents acquired before attending the personal interview. Documents include applicant’s recent photographs, travel document (passport) address proof, residence proof, the travel insurance certificate, no objection letter from the sponsor or employer and financial documentation.

Any well-reputed visa assistance company can help you with it. You can rely on them to provide their expert guidance on acquiring error-free documents.

7. Personal Interview

The applicant has to book an appointment for the visa interview. The interview will be held at the embassy or consulate. It is mandatory for all the applicants to attend the interview (Visa renewals and certain age-related cases are exempted from this.)

All the necessary documents should be presented at the time of the interview even though they might not ask for it. The outcome will be informed immediately after the interview.

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8. Visa charges

Visa charges vary from visa to visa. It is paid either online or via bank accounts. The tourist visa (B visa) is charged for 160 USD. Interviews will be scheduled after this process. Even if you are lucky to pass the interview and attain the visa, if you get caught, you will be deported

9. U.S visa waiver program / ESTA

Check whether your country is under the U.S wavier program which allows the citizens to stay in the U.S without a visa for 90 days. The applicant must possess an e-passport and should get approved by ESTA prior to departure. Check the countries listed under U.S wavier program.


10. Visa assistance

Most of the travelers are not well aware of the proper documentation required for the visa process. There are visa assistance services which offer speedy and flawless documentation that allows the applicant to be free of stress. Always approach a certified and reputed visa consultants who are specialized and experienced in the area. These agents are always up-to-date on the current changes of visa documentation announced by the embassy or consulate.

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