If you are planning to go on an adventure tour to Georgia, then you have reached the right place! We have compiled a list of the best outdoor adventures and activities in Georgia that will surely satiate your hunger for adrenaline. Located on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, the country of Georgia is blessed with 12 different microclimates. This means that you can witness different kinds of landscapes and ambiences in Georgia. You can enjoy winter sports such as skiing on the snow-covered slopes of the mountains; hiking on various mountains; enjoy all the water sports and activities on the beaches of Batumi and walk through the thick forests, while exploring the exotic flora and fauna of the region. You can enjoy various kinds of adventures in Georgia. Need some inspiration and a lot more information? Here’s a list we have compiled for you.

Georgia Adventure Tour – All the places to go to and things to do:



Imagine sailing over the beautiful green mountains, witnessing the beautiful natural beauty and bird’s eye view of the tourist places. Yes! paragliding is one of the most famous outdoor activities in Georgia. You can take-off from the shallow slopes or from the steep hills and witness the beauty of this wonderful destination, from above. There’s no need to have first-time jitters as paragliding can be done by inexperienced people as well. You can indulge in paragliding in Gudauri during both the summer and winter seasons. The official online vendors of the Paragliding Federation can offer the best information related to the weather and other aspects related to paragliding in this region. The other major destinations for Paragliding are Rustavi and Tbilisi.

2. Balloon Flights


The Alazani and Mukhrani Valleys in Georgia are famous for their Balloon Flights. These balloon rides will offer you breathtaking views of the Greater Caucasus Range and the Georgian Glaciers. The Alazani Valley stretches for more than 100 km and is a natural wonderland in every season. Witness nature unfolding like a puzzle and enjoy its marvels via this Balloon Flight in Georgia. If you are visiting Georgia with an aim of exploring these adventures available here, then this is a must-do thing.

3. Speed Racing


If you are a speed racing enthusiast, then Georgia offers wonderful opportunities to unleash the racer within. The Rustavi International Motorpark has a closed track on the right bank of the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi. The overall length of the racing track is 4.1 km and the track complies with the FIA category 2 requirements for international competitions such as Formula 1. The major activities that can be undertaken here are:

  1. Drive Formula Alpha

  2. Formula Alpha Taxi

  3. Drifting

  4. Off-Roading

4. Jeep Tours on the most dangerous roads of Georgia


Driving on the snake-like roads carved directly into the mountains of Georgia is one of the best and is definitely a must-do activity in Georgia. Scaling heights while immersing oneself into the surreal natural beauty all around, combined with the thrill of driving through the Abano Pass, can get almost anyone’s heart racing. It is located in the centre of the Greater Caucasus and is the highest drivable mountain pass in the Caucasus range. The difficulty of this terrain can be understood from the fact that these roads can be accessed by 4x4 vehicles only.

5. Air Tours in Georgia


Another activity you can indulge in while enjoying the Georgia Adventure Tour is the Air Tour of Georgia. You can enjoy a 45-minute air tour by chartering a 4 seat Skylane and can witness the amazing landscapes of Mtskheta, Jvari Monastery, Anauri, and Bazaleti Lake. This flight will start from Natakhtari airport which is located in the north of Tbilisi and reaching here requires 30 minutes of travel. This flight tour of Georgia will offer you the stunning views of rivers, gorges and the amazing landscapes of Georgia.

6. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is also a popular activity for tourists who come to explore Georgia. White water rafting can be enjoyed by 6 people in a group and can be taken at any of the five rivers in Georgia. Rafting can be enjoyed from late April to the middle of October.

Popular destinations for white water rafting in Georgia are as follows:

  1. Mtkvari River Near Borjomi

  2. Rioni River in Racha and Lower Svaneti

  3. Mtkvari River Near Vardzia

7. Parasailing in Batumi


Also called as the Parascending or parakiting, the coast of the Black Sea in Batumi is the ultimate site for enjoying Parasailing. Tourists can board the parasail wing which has a specially designed parachute. Parasailing is an exhilarating adventurous sport that can be enjoyed by couples as well. There are different charges for different heights and lengths of the rope. It is one amazing ride over coastal waters and this offers you an experience similar to what we imagine, birds would experience while flying over this region.

8. Heli-Skiing


If you want to glide across snow-covered mountain slopes but are afraid or don't know how to ski, then all you have to do is enjoy Heli-Skiing. You can glide on the snow-covered slopes just like the normal skiing. It has become a highly popular tourist activity recently because it allows all people to ski on even those slopes where very few people can reach.

9. Mount Kazbegi Climb


Another well-known tourist activity in Georgia is climbing Mount Kazbegi. This mountain lies on the border between Georgia and Russia and is situated at a distance of 100 KMs from Tbilisi. If you are availing public transport from Tbilisi, then it will take around 3 hours to reach Mount Kazbegi. Scaling the heights of this permanently snow-covered mountain, while in the company of people belonging to different parts of the world, is yet another great adventure one can enjoy in Georgia holiday tour packages from UAE

These are some of the outdoor activities you can enjoy on your Georgian Adventure Tour. So, don’t be late to book the best Georgia tour package from Dubai to get the most out of your visit.